Wednesday, August 01, 2007

YaY.... Whoopi !!

HooRay!! Whoopi has decided to join The View filling the position vacated by Rosie O'Donnell some months back. Whoopi was my first choice, although Sherrie Shepard would have also been good.

I wasn't a fan of The View. Everyone talking at the same time is irritating because you can't hear what is being said, but Rosie's hmmmmm ability to spice things up and the chance to see something unscripted happen on (mostly) live TV was a strong pull for me. So I began to watch the show. And I wasn't disappointed.

What I learned from watching The View was that one can push the envelope, as it were, but there is an invisible line that if one crosses it, they have gone too far and its no longer "fun" to watch. In fact it is down right uncomfortable. In my opinion, which is all this blog contains, is that both Rosie and Elizabeth crossed this line on more than one occasion. (I have never been a fan of either of these ladies, either.)

(And this past month it has seemed that The View became The Elizabeth Show.... whats up with that?!?)

So now I can get a daily dose of Whoopi... starting in September. (And I can hardly wait for Elizabeth to go on maternity leave. She stomps all over other people's conversations, especially Joy's.... perhaps she will decide to be a stay-at-home mom. It could happen.)

Go Whoopi, Go Whoopi, Go Whoopi!!
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Anonymous said...

I can hardly watch it because elizabeth makes me want to gag. She is so opinionated in a young ignorant woman type of way...walking the mainstream line of conservativeness...puke....She has no opinion other than what she has heard by her mama and daddy I suppose..I am hard on my opinion because she's a jerk with little value to offer to anything "real"...ooops that was harsh.

I can't stand that better...haha.

Whoopie is going to make me want to tune in again some day. Rosie did that for me a little.

I like Joy...and every day when I would tune in you could be sure Joy and ignorant one would go at it....

Why....why....why...did Barbara Walters ever put that girl on.

She reminds me of young women I have known that think our president is actually looking after are well being...hahahaha.

God!!! I don't think I was ever that naive, even in my 20's.

The Crusty Crone said...

Thank You!! Thats what I'm talkin' about!

I find it scary how ignorant that young woman is.... scary, I tell you. And I wish she would SHUT THE F**K UP!

The program just came on and she's already tromped all over Barbara's conversation. And the program is only two minutes old!!


The Crusty Crone said...

I've been thinking about what you said...."God!!! I don't think I was ever that naive, even in my 20's."

I think I was totally ignorant in my twenties....

"What are you talking about? The government would NEVER do that to people."

"Oh don't worry... if you're innocent you don't need a lawyer."

"There aren't any rednecks any more."

"Rock Hudson IS NOT gay!!"

"Are you crazy? A priest would NEVER do anything like that."

Totally dumb. Totally gullible. Back then.

Wanda said...

Hey, back from my trip...I agree, I like the choice of Whoopi!!