Sunday, August 05, 2007

Like Ants on a Hot Dog

That describes the crackheads milling around here.... yet again. Like ants on an abandoned hot dog. This time it wasn't a new tenent bringing the drug activity to the apartments with them, but an existing tenent who has decided to jump off the rehab wagon and run head long down the road that leads to the bottom of the barrow. Its a one-way path and she knows it. She's been down there before. Can you say 'self-destructive'?

This tenent lost her last two jobs because of stealing from the till. The first one involved a reported robbery and there was no evidence to support her claim. The last one also involved her taking money from the till and then leaving her shift and disappearing for several days. This 'finger-dipping' was caught on video. I saw her handcuffed and taken away. She was back home within four hours and has been coming and going ever since. It seems like no one stays in jail any more.

On July 25th she was given a 30 day notice to move. It wasn't because of the drug activity, but because she hadn't paid her rent. I'm glad and relieved that she wasn't able to make rent because I think its easier that way. No hard feelings because a neighbor turned her in for drugs. Less chance of retaliation. However, I now know it takes longer than 30 days to get someone out, unless they leave on their own. It takes more like two or three months, to do it all legally. I doubt that she has anywhere to move to... no job, no "legal" income, and her friends all seem to be crackheads living at her place. Living and conducting business there.

Late last night I went to close the bedroom window and saw three dark figures coming across the yard next door and up to the apartments.... to apartment D's window to be exact. She must have seen me at my window because I heard a female voice say something to the effect of 'its me... I locked myself out'. I don't think so. Its possible, but I had watched too many people going to apt. D and they didn't seem to have any difficulties getting in.... I think she is trying not to be seen by any police going by, or something. She may not have shown up for her court date on the robbery thing and there's a bench warrant out for her. Or else a crackhead is after her.

Anyway... here we go again. Crackheads, including hookers, coming and going all day and night. Like I said before, ants on a hot dog. I'm guessing it won't be long before some fighting starts. It always seems to end up that way... desparate crackheads angry because someone ripped off their money or their drugs. It will give me a reason to call the cops. Nothing may come of it, but it will give them a reason, also, to access the apartment and maybe they'll find some drugs inside. Or check id's and discover who has a warrant out on them.

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