Tuesday, August 07, 2007


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Thats pretty much my list of things to do....

Its Tuesday. Nothing much going on around here. The crackheads have been somewhat quiet the last twelve hours or so. They must have run out of money for now. Just a guess.

The tenent that brought the crackheads here is losing weight. If one were to meet her today, that comment might be a surprise to them because she's still very much a rolly-polly, but I can tell. Twenty pounds in a month. That, too, is a guess.

I need to do some serious grocery shopping... the kind that fills up the cupboards a little. The cupboards and refrigerator are beginning to echo. Maybe I'll get to it this evening. Or maybe not.

Some folks have finally moved into the apartment above me. They are relatives or friends with the Asian tenents, so hopefully they will be as good a neighbor as the others have been. No drugs. No fighting. Things like that.

Its a yawning kind of day. Yaaawwnnnnn.

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Sue J said...

Love the cartoon! I can relate to that :-)))