Sunday, August 26, 2007

Speaking of Pastels

"Speaking of Pastels? Who was speaking of pastels?" Well, I was, sort of... see attempt at using cheap colored chalk here.

Back to pastels. I was over at EBSQ checking out the winners of the last three contest and then looking at the current contest entries. The current contest subject is lavender. Thats where I noticed the art of Brenda Boylan (dot com, if you want to see her web site.) Most of her current work is done in pastels (and they look like they were painted). She has more of her art on EBSQ than she has on her web site. Oh... and she's a Portland artist so I can relate to some of her locations. Or at least kind of visualize the areas that I've been around.
(coding is so particular. I had a hyphen instead of the equal sign and it didn't create a 'hot link'. mmmmmm Hot links... with mustard. And a cold beer. mmmmmm.)

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cat's momma said...

I enjoyed seeing her artwork. She does really beautiful work!