Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday's Show-and-Tell

Today's show-and-tell is about a creative project that is also earth friendly because it uses recycled material which keeps it out of the landfill. The amount of time and effort used to create this item can be minimal or extensive. Its all up to the creator. (That would be you.)

I needed a container... a container to hold CDs and/or DVDs, should I ever acquire any. I had noticed various "official" CD holders in the stores, but they left me cold. I wanted one that would reflect my personality, my style, and my creativity... so thats what I did. I created my own.

The most effort involved finding the basic material, the basic building blocks, if you will. I searched my own apartment to see what was available, but did not find anything that was the suitable size for my needs. Did I give up? No. I kept my eyes opened and waited for the Universe to bring me something that was perfect. It didn't take long.

My tall daughter left the perfect container for me to use. It was the right size. (She has large feet.)
As you can see, it can also be used for other purposes, if the need arises. A multi-purpose decorated container.
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Sandy said...

Now that IS clever. How many shoe boxes have I thrown away? Totally a lot. I have a lot of CD's so I would need a few of those. I have one CD holder that stands on the floor and is a thin metal thing. It tips over with the least amount of effort. All the CD's about once a month regularly slide off on the floor and I get to put them back up. It's a pain.

I like your idea....and multipurpose and I have BIG feet..

so there...

I like it..

thanks for showing and telling.

Travelling Goddess said...

Hahahahaha........ a container for stuff and stuff for the container. How perfect as it all fits together.

I just sorta pile my cd's a bit everywhere in piles....a little here and a little there.

Wanda said...

Love your shoebox idea. I have used them too. Mainly I keep my shoeboxes for a project our church does every October with Operation Christmas Shoebox. Where we fill boxes with goodies to send to children around the world. Some of the faces in my banner are children who were recipients of those boxes...Well, girl, I didn't mean to preach...but love shoes many uses.

mARTa said...

I love creativity in all it's glory! This is a great idea!

Nita said...

I love creativity too! :)

What a clever Crone you are. lol