Sunday, August 19, 2007

Damn Marketing!!!

I'm getting so damn sick and tired of all these frigging marketing tricks that jam advertising down my throat.... I'M CHOKING, YOU ASSES!!!

Not only am I bombarded with telemarketing calls (5 to 10 a frigging day some times), and big ads jumping up on the screen because I let my cursor accidently roll over an ad.... now they're on my site meter!!! I go to look at a logged visit I don't get any details at all (such as what part of the country the visitor was from) I get a FRIGGING ASS AD IN MY FACE!!!!!!

MYGAWD... the greed is horrendous!!!!!

Calm down, Crusty.... calm down. No doubt its a way for site counter to get you to pay for the service. After all, you got it free for a while. Well F**K 'EM! I'll delete the crap.

Seems like today has a theme.... greedy USA marketing. Advertising. After all, look what advertising did for tap water. Put it in a plastic bottle and you can get a buck for it. The idiots will go for anything if you advertise it enough!! Its true... we get what we deserve. And we're idiots. Idiots with a sheep mentality.

Crap. I better go meditate now. Maybe I'll come up with a way to get back at 'em! One thing for sure, I'm deleting Sitemeter!!

Added: Its done. Sitemeter is now off of my site. My tiny tinyt protest stands. Probably stands unnoticed, but stands nonetheless!! Now I feel calmer.


Sandy said...

Easy grip sports bottle from Arrowhead, designed to fit your life...

is exactly what commercial was playing on the dupe tube when I was reading your post.


The Crusty Crone said...

That 'timing' thing again. (what was on tv while you read this)

I was just rereading my rant. I really let myself go for a minute. I'm calmer now and although I did have a thought to go in and try to clean things up a bit, that would be a tiny bit dishonest... in my opinion. There's always the other side of things.... good/bad, on/off, up/down, calm adult/raging moron. Free/Payment.

I did delete sitemeter and now that I've calmed down I thank them for the free service I got for however long it was. But no thank you.