Friday, August 24, 2007

Are My Eyes Crossed?

Are There Curly Question Marks Coming Out of My Head? Steam Escaping from My Cranial Openings? If Yes.... SLAP ME NOW!!

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Oh... wait. Hold on. Let me get a grip.
"Oh. Guess what I have" she said as she put on a fake smiley face. "I just loaded Corel Paint Shop!"

I've taken a quick look, tried one feature...erasing the background (I think), but I couldn't figure out how to apply the change so I could see how it looked. Thats when the steam started appearing. As I looked through the help menu, those pesky little question marks started popping out. But I exaggggerate for effect only. However, this is going to take some learnin' fer sure.


cat's momma said...

I think you're very brave to begin to learn this program! I simply do not have the patience for learning something this involved. Good luck at it! I'm sure we'll soon see those curly question marks turning into straight lines with a dot underneath...exclaiming at how easy it really is and wondering how you went so long without it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's intimidating in the beginning but just play when you have the time..If you don't make it a chore it won't be..hahaha...yeah right...!!

I think you'll eventually love it.