Friday, August 24, 2007

Going Postal on Dish Network

That's what I would like to do.... go postal on whoever decided to use telemarketing aggressively. THEY ARE HARRASSING MY ASS AND I DON'T LIKE IT!!

I think I've probably gotten 30+ calls from people trying to get me to sign up. They call early in the morning and late at know, just to bookend the calls made in the middle of the day. They feature people who speak English and people who don't. They come from recorded messages as well as live people. The live people I yell at... I know they're just trying to earn a buck, but I can't reach anyone else to yell at AND IF I DON'T YELL AT SOMEONE I'LL EXPLODE!!

This company is getting on my last nerve.

Nobody to blame but myself, however. Until now I have not signed up for the Do-Not-Call list, so shame on me. I did sign up today and it should be in effect in 31 days and will remain effective for five years. That should get 'er done. (The bulk of the calls, anyway.)
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Anonymous said...

we have do not call and it works!! a few get through but not much.sandy

cat's momma said...

Good for you finally getting on the 'do not call list' because it filters out a whole hell of a lot of calls. I also have it for my cell phone.

It doesn't stop charity calls and a few other types. I've gotten so frustrated when the same number keeps popping up and we get three calls a day from them that I just call back to at least see who is bugging us...and I usually get a recording. But at least I know what company or organization is calling. We have caller ID so we don't answer the phone but those calls come just at the wrong time.