Wednesday, August 22, 2007

'Should You Accept this Mission...."

Mission Impossible. Kind of appropriate in a way, huh. And maybe that should read 'commission', but I digress.

Here's my selection for the next art project. I've had this picture saved for over a year. Its from someone's photo blog. I do remember asking the person if I could save her photo so I could use it to paint. She said it was totally okay. So to the unnamed Blogger... we thank you!


Unless this one just spews out of me, I'm fairly certain I won't be posting my results until tomorrow. I have errands to run and I HAVE TO do something with that other painting I should have had done eight months ago.

I do hope others who want to join in do so without hesitation. The only stipulation is that you let either Sandy or me know about it. We wanna see, we wanna see!
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Sandy said...

Well I've never painted a seashell
I've never barked at the moon
But should I accept this mission
She should be done just right about noon.

tommorow that is!!!

Looks like I paint it or do I draw it...hmmm....

Anonymous said...

oops I haven't even started on it yet..slow morning...sandy

Sandy said...

okay its' done...seashells aren't as easy as they look.