Sunday, August 05, 2007

Per Sandy's request... WIP

WIP... Work in Progress. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA. I crack me up. I have the balls to use the word "progress". HAHAHAHA Nevertheless, here's where the two paintings now stand. (Yes, I decided I better work on both of them at the same time. hahaha 'work on them' hahahaha)

The one below is a group of four guys/friends standing in front of a trailer/trailer park with a sign over head saying "Park It". Thats suppose to be the name of their film they are going to be making. I was given a photo of the four friends (can you make it out at the bottom of the easel?) to use and one of a mobile home. I used the projector to outline the guys. It made it a lot easier. And all this was the fun part. Now its time to go to the place where I can really screw it up... however, I'm starting to get tired of thinking about it so maybe I'll get her cranked out. I want to be done with it. And when I get to that place, more 'progress' is made.


This is an island scene a friend has asked me to copy from a greeting card she received. Since it will only be seen in her house, I don't think I need to worry about copyright stuff. And this one should be a lot easier since there are no people in it.

I hope to get more of it done today. It would be nice to have the room to set things up and leave them out for quick access but I'm working in my kitchen and its not that big. I'll post more progress shots (snicker) as I go along.
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Sandy said...

Bout time you showed us more "stuff" CC...This is going to be a cool painting with those guys. And you were holding out on us...didn't know you were doing another painting. I can't WAIT to see even more WIP's.

And if you get bored or you think working on two paintings isn't enough, you could always paint another character for my story...!!! Yeah. ..what a good idea I just had...

Wanda said...

I love watching a painting in progress......these are going to be great! Already love the sketches.
Going to post a couple I finished on Monday Show and Tell.

cat's momma said...

Hey, I'm enjoying seeing your WIPs! These are going to be good paintings, so take your time and just get 'er done!