Saturday, August 04, 2007

Doodling Noodle - 1

One minute sketches using permanent markers. (from imagination) I was thinking of trying for a "story" like Sandy does, but all that came to me was a blank.
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cat's momma said...

Here I see Louise who just doesn't want to get any older and who still has a lot of energy for her age...and then there's Howie, a mama's boy who is soured on life and all its burdens.

Sandy said...

hahaha..CM too funny..Hey good for you CC...keep could be that you have to be a little insane and obsessive to get the juices going for these stories...haha.... I think I've "touched" the other side a little too many times...they're pulling me through..

but yeah!!!! I love anything you do so keep doing it..

The Crusty Crone said...

Oh yeah... I see Louise. She's a pushy broad who always thinks she's right. Thats why Howie looks so beaten down and sour. He has to make her ideas actually happen. Or close to happening.

Last weekend he had to haul what felt like tons of drift wood into the garage because Louise thought she'd get artsy and make sculptures. I can tell ya right now, ain't gonna happen. And somehow it will become Howie's fault. Watch and see.

Oh... and its not all Louise's fault for how things are, she just needs someone to stand up to her to keep her from going off the deep end. Howie hasn't done that. Yet.