Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Its Four O'clock in the Morning.... Updated

Its four o'clock in the morning....

Isn't that in an old rock and roll song? Anyway.... I was awakened around 4am by the noise of a cranky crackhead yelling and shouting at someone. By the time I got up, checked out what was going on, and stumbled to get the phone, the angry woman and two men who were trying to calm her down were moving down the sidewalk so I didn't call the non-emergency police phone number. (a screaming addict does not constitute a true emergency.... just a nuisance.)

So.... now I'm wide awake. Hopefully I'll get to the store early and get that chore out of the way.

Added at noon: Now the druggie neighbor is calling the police to get her "friends" out of her apartment. Between my calls and hers I think I can rest assured that the police are aware of her apartment being full of undesirables. When you lay down with dogs.... there's always a good chance that you'll get bit. DUH.


Travelling Goddess said...

What time does "Joe set them up"....I think that it was a Frankie S song???

UGH!! 4AM is tough for me now... do I get up or stay in bed awake... I quit smoking AGAIN.....if I was smoking, it would be a no choice....I'd get the coffee and the smokes out.

The Crusty Crone said...

'Set em up Joe'... yeah, maybe thats the song. Thx TG. And good for you about the smoking thing. I hear its a matter of just keep climbing back up on the wagon until you just don't jump off any more.