Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday's Show-and-Tell

A moleskine for a sketch journal? Who needs it. Its a fad that many artists are using. A small notebook (with many different options) to keep notes in or sketch the view. Its biggest selling point is that it lays flat and the sketch-type can take watercolor without falling apart. Or so I've been told.

For those 'new' to the product: Moleskine: pronounced mole'skine or mol-a-skeen-a if you want to pretend you're Italian.

Here's the little sketch book I decided to use as a daily journal. It lays flat too and was a lot cheaper. I had a coupon.

Below: the tape dispenser is there to show the size of the sketch book... I mean, sketch JOURNAL. 4" x 6"

Below: page sample. If its not legible, I've used portions of conversations. "I heard you said I deal drugs. I don't." Its the boyfriend in apartment F. He was looking really tired that day.

Below: another sample page... It starts off with Bear is back. 'Bear' is the nickname I gave to one of the regulars who stop by apartment F. (You know, the one where the boyfriend says he doesn't do drugs.) I first noticed Bear last year. I named him Bear because he lumbers like one. He went up to apt. F and left 5 seconds later. It doesn't take long to purchase drugs. Hand the money over and stuff the 'bounty' in your pocket and leave.

I keep the sketch journal on the coffee table with a pencil or pen handy. I don't put EVERYTHING in it, just some small 'happenings' of the day with a very quick little sketch. Now I'll get to see just how long I keep it up.
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Sandy said...

That was enjoyable! I always wondered about those moleskins...

I have a sketch book similar to the one you showed.


mARTa said...

I have a few moleskine and do like them, but prefer my rebound book which I filled with watercolor papers of my choice. I'm almost done with it and made a brand new sketchbook to have ready to start soon!
I like your idea of having a sketch journal at the ready on the coffee table...hum..might have to make one.

The Crusty Crone said...

AFter coming back and rereading my entry here, I need to recant my opinion about moleskines. How can I spew an opinion if I've never used them? I could blame it on wanting a lead-in to the actual subject (sketch journal), but that would be a literary cop-out. And I don't know anything about "literary".... but I do seem to know about spewing.

Rebound book? I don't believe I've seen or heard of them/it. Sounds interesting and eco-friendly.

Thx for leaving comments.

cat's momma said...

That looks very similar to my sketch book...which I only just got recently and only try sketching faces so journal entries. Very enjoyable sharing!