Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday's Thirteen #18

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Crusty's morsels

1. Surprise. TT13 snuck up on me again. Go figure.

2. Do you think Katie Couric is worth 13 million dollars a year? WTF?! I watched her interview someone yesterday and I wanted to yell "SHUT UP and let them answer the damn question!!" Her new contract is for $13 million.... her current salary is $7 million. News article can be found here.

3. I think I'll start watching CBS in the mornings.

4. I tear up over news stories. Its like crying for the world. We're so screwed up.

5. I ate plain pancakes for dinner last night. Actually, some of them were not "plain"... I put jelly on a couple, rolled them up, and started to speak French as I ate. How do you spell Crapes? Speaking French consists of a horrible accent only.

6. Sometimes its too much effort to cook dinner for one. I often cook enough for the next day. If it lasts that long. There's always breakfast to deal with.

7. I've only got one Christmas present.... ten more to go. Eleven grandkids to buy for with a monetary cap of $25 to $35 dollars. That's the amount that was suggested. Now how many of these presents do you think will end up in the garbage can the minute we leave?

8. I am unable to get through all the TT13 blogs. Is there such a thing as too successful?

9. I'm ending it here because I can't think of any more "morsels".


Anonymous said...

Now you would not want the Flying Crone to Crapes on you, but, ya would have fun sharing some Crepes with her............hahahahahaha just had to make that comment about #5.....cause it cracked me up.

Flying off now............

Leanne said...

Pancakes rolled with jelly. Yummmm.

I gave up on the news. And no, Katie isn't worth the cost of the lipstick all over her teeth. Blech. LOL

Too successful?! Nah.. there is such a thing as "this thing has a life of it's own now", and I'll keep visiting as many as I can, personally, and expect people understand I'm only one person. :)

The Crusty Crone said...

CREPES... yes, that's how its spelled. I knew I didn't have it spelled correctly, but nothing else looked right. Maybe because I was talking about pancakes and not real crepes. hahahaha

I'm still visiting the TT13... at my own pace.

Veronika said...

It always sneaks up on me, too!
I tear up on news stories, too. I wish someone would have a news show that only shows the good news, you know?