Friday, December 16, 2005

Home on the range

Several days of just hanging. I finally restocked the cupboards and freezer. Oh, and I remembered to get some laundry quarters. It wasn't easy. I had to smile sweetly and talk smack. The clerk said she wasn't suppose to sell rolls of quarters... but she would see what she could do. She didn't have a roll so she counted out all the quarters in cash register. Ten bucks on the nose. "Luck be a lady tonight...." Its the small things in life that make it what it is. Wait... my tongue got stuck in my cheek.

One of the tenants on the second floor moved out last night. He had a 'galley of guys' to help. Ah, youth and muscle. Now that's the way to move.

I went out for a quick smoke and found them sweeping down the stairs. Something with a lot of glass had broken. All over. Lots of glass. Down on the sidewalk stood a big screen TV facing towards the street. When I asked if the glass was from the TV (gasp) I was relieved for him. The glass was from a table... a glass table.

Being young guys, their "clean up" was not completely done, but I was impressed that they were cleaning it up at all. "Guys" seems to be a good word to use. They were too old to be boys and not yet mature enough to be men.

Here are some photos, mainly because I don't have anything else to talk about.

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No ice crystals, just reflecting shards.

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Here are the stairs 'what took the bugger down'. Glass covered every inch of each of these stairs... thick.

Several entries back I mentioned something about helping the neighbor put up some decorations... fake greenery around her door. Here are a couple of pictures. It has red and gold ribbons on doesn't show up well.
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Thats about it for today. The weather people are talking 'ice storm' here Sunday evening... could last for several days. Ugh. People have lots of things to do in preparation for the big day. I hope the power doesn't go out. It gets cold.

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