Sunday, December 04, 2005

RC Gorman

RC Gorman... I just stumbled across an announcement about his death last month. I was a bit surprised but I'm not sure why. I love his art, but its not like I followed his every move.

I remember when I first saw his art. It was in American Artist magazine. (Now I hesitate...was it American Artist or Artist magazine? Oh well, a magazine nonetheless and it was a long time ago.) I remember spending time looking at his paintings, enjoying how much he expressed with a minimum of line and large swatches of color. It is a testimony of the impact he had on me because I never forgot his name... and I'm terrible about names. Okay, once in a while I would get his initials mixed up but I could always recall 'Gorman'. Whenever I say or think that name a mental image pops up...sitting woman, red blanket, elegant profile.

My guess is lots of collectors are counting up their profits. grrrr

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Flying Crone said...

Just Flying Crone flying if she had nothing to maybe she should finish THAT painting!!!!