Saturday, December 10, 2005

Just some chatting

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Nothing much going on here. My youngest daughter is moving into her apartment today. She has my car for the day with my words ringing in her ears. "Do not bring it back on empty!" We shall see. She's very excited about it and is looking forward to being in her own place with it, "two"... bedrooms. One for the boys to be sent to ("go to your room!") and one for her. The rent is hefty for her income.... I hope it doesn't sink her. I'm glad she's moving out of where she's been staying for a couple of months. Its with a friend of hers that I do not care for and that I think treats my daughter shabbily. However, I'm not blind so my daughter may contribute to the treatment a little, herself. Not my problem.

I got a nice 'thank you' email from artist Natalie del Villar after I signed her guestbook. She had updated her web site and is planning on updating it again soon. Fortunately for me, she directed me to her links of 'other artists' and I've just spent some enjoyable time checking it all out. Lots of talent in those links. My personal fave, based on style preference, is Joe Steiner's work. It felt like I could sense the personalities of the models.... and a couple seemed very familiar.

Well, I'm open to the day. I suspect nothing in particular will take place and that makes it hard to come up with blogging fodder, but for an old crusty crone, its right up my alley.

To paraphrase someone I can't remember... 'Be kind, life is hard enough'. Thats a mantra I need to keep at the front of my brain.


Anonymous said...

Hi sandra,

Enjoyed catching up on your blog and that photo of the Christmas Ornament is beautiful. Hope C likes her new place and brings that car back with some gas in it.


Veronika said...

I like the quote. Hope your daughter enjoys her new freedom!