Saturday, December 17, 2005

There came a knocking....

Three oclock in the morning. A commanding knock on the door. I struggle to grasp some coherence from sleep. Its a policeman. He was wondering if I had called them about the noise. The neighbor is playing her music again. The cop wants it to be okay and since he couldn't hear the music he started to leave. I ask him if he has even talked to the neighbor. "I guess I could do that." Well, I guess he can't.

After beating on the neighbor's door three or four times there was no response. No doubt the neighbor's music was too loud for her to hear the knocking. The cop left. The music continued playing. And here I sit.... sharing it with you at 4am.

I guess this is a demonstration of how .... oh never mind. I should simply be grateful that the cop didn't shoot me. Now that's a sport they are really good at. Killing people. What's the difference between a Crips gang member and a member of the police force? The police have badges. I'm just saying.

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