Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday's Thirteen #16

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Crusty's Thirteen Morsels... one crumb at a time.

1. My two year old grandson has strep throat. I hope to hell I don't get it. The boys always seem to share their colds with me... I don't know why they wouldn't share this, too, but I can hope. The wee one (9 months now) hasn't come down with it yet.

2. The sick boy is sleeping on my couch as I key this. My daughter had to go shopping today so she's using my car. She takes the baby with her because I don't deal well with little she's keeping it down to one.

3. I'm selfish. I can be generous if I have plenty myself, but when it gets down to the bottom line, I'm selfish as all get out. I may 'give' to others, but I'm bitching about it all the way. Its a side of me I didn't seem to have before menopause.

4. I use to consider myself a "reader", but not after I met up with the real thing. Those people who's library card is blank because everything has worn away from it except the bar code strip, they're readers. Five to ten books a week... and each Saturday you can bet your bottom dollar they will be at the library.

5. I haven't read a complete book in a very long time. I don't seem to be able to focus like I use to... or perhaps its because I don't believe in fairy tales any more. I've seen too much life.

6. I got my heart ripped up today. On MSN's home page is a link about AIDS Day. I clicked it and on the right side bar is another link right under "World AIDS Day - Dec 1" says "picture story: a lost generation". When it opens click on 'Introduction'. Its a very short clip.

7. I have to be in a very good mood to enjoy housekeeping. I've discovered the secret to keeping a home clean, however... I discovered it watching others. It helps to be obsessive/compulsive, but if you're not, the secret is to continuously do things. If you walk into the kitchen for a cup of joe, pick up that piece of paper on the way and toss it as you reach for your cup. Talking on the phone...grab a cloth and dust. Its just one continuous activity. And it never ends.

8. I haven't done laundry in three weeks. The property management people fixed the door to the laundry room but didn't have keys to give to each tenent at the time. Last night I finally got mine. God bless a laundry room. I've lived in apts. most of my life and there have only been one or two that had on-site laundry facilities. Be still my heart.

9. I don't give a shit how I look, but if I'm going to be around family or friends I try to adjust myself a little so as not to embarrass them too much.

10. One time I had someone tell me that if I was lucky I might come across an old codger who was so desparately lonely that he would be willing to even have me keep him company... to take care of him, no doubt. You know, one of those desparate dudes. BWAH HAHAHAHA (that's suppose to sound scary) Fuck an old codger. To be fair, it was worded a little nicer, but that's what was meant. Its things like that that make you have to look reality square in the face.

11. Except for the body not doing things it use to do, I am really enjoying being a senior citizen. I'm thinking of getting a cane so I can hit stupid people up side their heads and get away with it. All I have to do is talk like I'm crazy. That isn't hard to do.

12. I have wide feet.

13. I think it is so fucking kewl that the maiden in Shrek turned into herself when her true love kissed her. What a bummer if she had continued looking beautiful. There's no way a beautiful woman is suppose to be with an ogre...but it happens. (snicker)

Hooray... I've made it to thirteen. Here's Leanne's link to find other participants because I don't have the time or energy to add 40+ links to my blog.

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