Friday, December 30, 2005

More on the Saga of the Crazy Neighbor

What was I thinking? I didn't feel like making my crazy neighbor's life any more difficult than it already was, after all she was given notice to move in 30 days. When she attacked my car the property manager said if I filed a complaint and got a copy of it she could be removed in three days. I wavered. That damned "niceness" gets in the way some times. I asked the Universe (with a capital U) to give me an answer... do I follow through on the complaint or not. I just got my answer.

The woman has been drinking all night. People coming and going from her apartment. Music playing, but not quite as loud as usual. I just stepped out on my porch area to have a cigarette. Its raining so I had my umbrella. I noticed the outdoor safety light bulbs were missing again. All of a sudden someone tries to grab my umbrella. The drunken crazy lady... trying to start something, running her mouth although its hard to understand her. "There's no witnesses now." "I'll get you. And I want your son, too." And she spit at me as I was going in my apartment.

The Universe answered my question. Her crazy ass needs to get out of here. The sooner the better. Her actions are causing her all her problems and she seems to relish it.
(note to me: 6:50am phone call)

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