Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another financial rape by Enron

Why is this corporation STILL in business? I guess you can be as crooked as you want to be and steal as much as you want from the little people... but I hope the corporation explodes in the faces of all their executives. "Executives" What is that, another name for THIEF?!!!

It is estimated that Enron has over charged electrical customers by almost a billion dollars, all totaled, since they bought one of our local power companies in 1997. They wanted to give their executives bigger bonuses and boost revenues. Bastards! They just tucked a little extra "tax" on the bills.

The news article can be read here.

I hope those who read about this will share the information with other "little people" so if Enron comes stomping into your city trying to buy up companies that the citizen will band together and try to stop it from happening. Why are rich people so frigging GREEDY?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but with mans depraved heart we are all greedy its just that these execs have more power to display it more noticably. My sister in law, single mother 59, worked for Enron in Dallas and lost all her retirement fund that the management had told her to put in Enron common stock. You are right, can't trust 'em.