Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blessings abound....

Everywhere, blessings are there if we are able to take note of them. And sometimes they just come up to you and slap you in the face. You don't have to worry about taking note of those kind.

Someone sent me a totally unexpected gift... a wonderful gift... one of those gifts that fit everyone perfectly. It goes with everything, fits everyone, and matches with every decor. It came with a lovely Christmas card, too. What a blessing. And what a treasure the sender is... a treasure that blesses the world. And it was a complete surprise. Santa? Is that you, Santa?

More blessings. Remember my 'car situation'? I think the burning smell has actually turned out to be just a plastic bag caught up around the muffler or hot tailpipe. One of my daughters came by yesterday and we did a little shopping. (What a mad house it is out there!!) I was telling her about the car smell and she said she had the same thing happen to her... and, indeed, it turned out to be a plastic bag melting. She took a look under the car and spotted the bag so YAHOO! BIG CHEER!! Fear of the unknown dissipated immediately.

Its a clear sunshiny day... the kind that makes you hunch over and wear ten layers of clothing... but the sun is out. Time to stock up today in preparation for the possible ice storm tonight. All I know is that if you spit, its gonna freeze. brrrrr I feel so cozy and warm in my apartment. And speaking of 'warm'... I got my first electric bill today and look.... I'm still sitting upright. It didn't knock me over or anything. Its totally do-able. (I feel badly for those who have to heat large houses with an oil furnace.)

What a great day! I hope some holiday cheer spills all over you today.

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Veronika said...

Awh, that is wonderful! From reading your blog, you seem to be a really nice person. Yes, there are blessings all around us - we just don't take the time to notice.
I am so glad your car problem turned out to be something silly and simple!
Happy Holidays!!