Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tension, Release of

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You don't know just how tense you are until something happens and you release it. Without tension you would not know 'relaxation'. Without suffering you would not know joy. The list can go on to infinity. Therefore, so called 'good' and 'bad' cannot exist one without the other. Perhaps that's why spiritual leaders attempt to help us remove the idea of things being good or bad. They just are. But I digress.

Remember my parting words to my daughter as she drove off in my car? "Do not bring it back on empty!" Well, she didn't bring it back at all. No, nothing is wrong. She just needed to keep it another day to finish things up. Okay by me, but today I felt myself becoming more and more tense. I knew she didn't have any money. She had taken my last $5 the day before. (and not to worry, I have everything I need to last me until I get more money in a couple of days, except for petrol.) Tensing up as I expected the worse, I began to collect all the loose change in the apartment. I had enough so I would be able to get a gallon of gas, should it be necessary. Okay... I could loosen my neck muscles a little now.

My daughter called a few minutes ago to give me a status report. She was waiting to hear from someone about moving the heavy things in a pickup. During the conversation she happened to mention she finally got a refund check from the power company. OHMYGOSH... I became a jellyfish. I did not know just how tense I was until I heard her good news. Jellyfish? Make that a puddle of water.

Living on the edge can bring a certain amount of...ah... excitement, but I've been there, done that. I don't want to continue with it. I lived 'on the edge' for several years, but it was just me. My youngest daughter seems to want to live on the edge too, but it impacts her two little boys as well as herself. And I seem to be the fool doing all the worrying. I think its a mother-thing. If you are reading this and you don't have children but are considering it.... my recommendation is DON'T DO IT!

And on to another subject, I just caught the tail end of a program on the public TV channel titled "Color of Infinity". If you have a chance to watch it, check it out. That is, if you're interested in fractal math.... or the patterns of life... or how it is that we are all connected. I couldn't grasp half of what they were saying, but it seems like this is one of those major steps leading us to the understanding of physical life. And you get to see beautiful fractal art with lovely background music.

The close up picture of the broccoli above is as close as I could come to sharing some fractal art.

And I wonder how many people will get 'false hits' to my blog as they look for something about fractals or tension headaches. Snickering softly.


Anonymous said...

Flying Crone just zipping by, sneezing her head your comments and it make me smile........."Yea of little faith"........hahahahahaha!!! So glad your daughter put gas in the car....

Nancy said...

That's broccoli? Cool!

Fractels are so cool. I will have to check out this show.

Thanks for the visit last Thursday.