Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Neighbor Saga Continues

Here I sit... 4am... hammer sits beside me. And I'm seething. The drunken neighbor attacked my car with a hammer. But let me back up four hours.

I was awakened about 11:30pm... another cop at my door. (Why do they knock on my door? I'm not the one calling them. A coward must be using my apartment number to complain.) The neighbor's music is blasting. The cop is telling me she won't open the door and there's nothing he can do about it. Again. Okay.

I've been up since then, listening to her go out and back in, out and back inside again. When I went out for a smoke, the last safety lightbulb was missing, my chair was missing, and my tin for my cigarette butts was missing. There was a pile of soaked newspaper right in front of my door. Yes, ladies and gentlement, this is an excellent example of the level of maturity that I, and the other tenants, have to deal with regarding this neighbor.

This neighbor is angry because she was given notice that she would have to move. Since my son is the property manager, she's taking her anger out on me. And she is drunk tonight. And she went too far.

About 3am I hear some banging outside. I start to let it go but then I remembered my car out there. 'And hey, don't forget the neighbor is drunk and angry!' I jumped to the door... and there she was screaming as she came up the porch steps... with a hammer in her hand. And since I'm so clever and smart as a whip, it takes me several minutes to finally realized that she must have been beating on my car. You say you have a bridge to sell??

The windshield wipers are completely mangled... the whole arm... both of them. Both license plates were all mangled up as well. It was dark and I didn't see anything else. Do you know how to spell FUMING? Well, that's where I was, but just not at the point of insanity.

So I called the police to report it. How fruitless. The neighbor simply refuses to open the door and there's nothing the cops can do. (And you will note this is the second time they have been out here because of this neighbor.) I could have signed a complaint and had to go to court. My bet would be that she wouldn't show up anyway... and there's not much that can be done.

So here I sit trying to listen so if she goes back outside, me and my hammer follow her. I don't intend to use the hammer, but the neighbor needs to know she is in danger.

And none of it will ever be her fault.


Leanne said...

Oh yuk! I'm sorry you're dealing with junk like that on Christmas Eve! I hope you get the cops to lock her butt in a cell for the holidays. Grrr.

Veronika said...

Oh, how sad! I'm so sorry that you have to deal with a nasty neighbor. I don't know what state you live in, but since you didn't witness it, there's nothing the cops can do, huh? Especially if she's a coward and not answering her door.
That's just awful. Thank God she'll be gone soon!

The Crusty Crone said...

I just talked to one of the other tenents here and this drunk did the same thing to his car about a week ago. He filed a complaint. I'm going to change my mind and file one also.

What I've learned from this is don't bother calling the cops cause they can't or won't do anything. You must protect yourself and your belongings the best way you can.

Wanda from Oregon coast said...

Hey there, Crusty Crone! I found your blog when I saw your comment on John's blog. I think I am jealous of your handle...I have always known if I ever get time to start a blog, the word Crone is a must for me...because of the true meaning of the word of course, which means basicly a "senior wise woman"...but you already have dibs on Crusty so I will just have to think of a different first word for my blog title. You sound something like me, a sassy but people loving older wise woman with a bit of a potty mouth to say it like it is. But I need more privacy than you as it sounds to me like you live in some horrid big city. Maybe Portland? Portland is rated right up there as cities go, but to me all large cities are horrid. I live in Coos Bay in a wonderfully peaceful retirement park with only peaceful quiet neighbors! Good thing too, as I might hurt someone if I had a neighbor like yours! Good luck to you on dealing with that evil woman. I know we are often advised to pity someone that distubed, but I feel they give themselves almost constant pity I think I will just save mine for those who respect others. Here is hoping she moves quickly, for your sake.

The Crusty Crone said...

Hi Wanda, nice to see you here. I'm sure you'll come up with a great "Crone" title... just give it time to come to you. Let me know if you start a blog.

Anonymous said...

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