Saturday, December 24, 2005

The car damage

(added later)I have gone ahead and filed a formal criminal complaint against the neighbor. She already has several on file. Next Wednesday I can call the DA's office to let them know I'm willing to follow thru (although I suspect they may not do anything...too small a crime.) and I can call the police records dept. to get a copy of the complaint. With that in hand, then the property manager can give her 72 hrs to vacate rather than 30 days. I'm a bit concerned over what she will do the next time she gets drunk.

The damage to my car doesn't show up very well in photos. Both tail light covers are broken and I'm assuming at least one has a broken bulb. Both parking lights in front are broken, a scrap in the bumper paint... and, of course, the mangled windshield wiper arms.
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I'm assuming her notice of rental termination was for 30 days. There are 28 days left to go. And I'm pretty sure she won't stay sober for that long.


Anonymous said...

Does she have a car herself? If she does, her insurance will have to pay for the damages, even if she didn't use her car to do them with. Otherwise, YOUR insurance will pay to have it all fixed. Just file a NON INSURED MOTORIST CLAIM with your agent.

And DO follow up with the police, THEN YOUR INSURANCE will go after her.

The Crusty Crone said...

Thanks for the info, Penny. I didn't think about non-insured claim. But she doesn't have a car. And isn't that a blessing. Its scary to think about her behind the wheel when she's drunk. She would have killed someone by now.

Today she is walking around like she's queen of the block... ghetto attitude. I bet she won't be looking like that for long.

PS... hope you're feeling better.

Veronika said...

That's just awful.