Sunday, July 10, 2005

You know you're old when....

.... most of the art work you see on the web looks like deranged cartoon characters or soft-porn fairies. Yawn. Nothing but the difference of 40 years I guess.

What I learned today:

*-Nothing gets done unless I do it. (that's because I live alone, snicker)

*-Good intentions are nice, but they don't mean squat without follow-thru. I don't have any drive-thru, either. Now a drive-by, on the other hand... oh never mind.

*-No matter how many times a crackhead has looked through a car for misplaced drugs, hope springs eternal and they will look 'just one more time'. Nothing wrong with hope.

*-Oh, and from a pbs program, physical activity (exercise, even just walking) helps the brain grow new cells, new neurons, no matter how old a person. I'm in so much trouble!

*-I don't care for retro home decor. I spent a couple of hours looking at personal photos published by retro-bloggers (no, I don't know when to stop. Its an addiction to keep me from walking). The rooms looked so stark and uninviting.

What did you learn today? Oh wait... you can't comment. This #($&#$ site practices extortion by forcing a person to sign up just to comment....crummy side effects.

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