Friday, July 22, 2005

I signed on to my blog using faith that something will come to mind, something to share...something.....

But Nooooooo...nada. (I bet you didn't know I spoke a second language, huh.)

There's no water coming from the shower. A dribble, if that. I took the shower head apart to see if there was something to clean like a filter. Nothing there. Put the shower head back on and it looked like it was working again, but it fizzled back to a drizzle. A fizzled drizzle.

I needed a shower... I needed one badly that I opted for showering with the shower head half off. I thought the slim flow of water would be enough, but Nooooo. Well, depending upon how much is "enough" was enough to get the top layer off, but I skipped the attempt to wash my hair.

Everything here is fixed with a bandaid and gum... I don't hold out much hope for the shower to get any better than it ever was, but that would be better than it is now.

Maybe I'll think of something more later.....

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