Saturday, July 23, 2005

A sense of Freedom

I desire a sense of freedom, a sense of parental freedom. The kind of feeling a parent gets once their off-spring are securely established as adults and are making practical decisions about their lives. They have their own lives that do not impact the parent any longer. A sense of freedom where the off-spring do not even consider calling the parent to solve a problem or change a situation. Now that's freedom.

My last "surprise from God" has chosen to remain tied at the waist. Its not necessarily an emotion bond but more a linked chain of finances and free babysitting.

It doesn't pay to take care of your child well....they will never want to leave home.

But let me not lose sight of the goal... a sense of parental freedom. Keep your eyes on the prize.
"...people don't hold onto dreams if they don't have the capacity to fulfill them."
~Peter Seltzer

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