Tuesday, July 12, 2005

SF's 2004 Art Gallery Openings

I've spent quite a few hours 'attending' San Francisco gallery openings thanks to artbusiness.com's site. I still have about half to view. I'm glad I didn't have to attend in person. That would be a whole lotta walking and a lot of it for nothing.

Some of the art made me want to grab the artist and thumb their foreheads, in a grandmotherly way of course. How stupid is the public suppose to be anyway? Okay, you have a point, but still.....

There were plenty of works that I liked and if I had money I would be willing to purchase them, but for the most part... gag me with a paint brush why doncha!

They don't call me Crusty for nuthin'

(added later) I've left the wrong impression here. There was (and is) a lot of art that I liked. And for those with different tastes from me, there was plenty for them to chose from too. Still... a thump on the forehead would be in order, but only for a few. Whadda I know about art?

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