Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Not a good day

Should one blog when they are having a bad day? I don’t know.

Outwardly, my day appears to be the same as all the rest of them, but inwardly I am sad. I don’t know why but I think it has to do with the condition of the world. Or more accurately, the condition of humanity. We are one sick species. Especially when we have all these talents and abilities that we use in perverted ways. Sometimes it just gets to be too much to bare… or should that be bear. I don’t know…don’t seem to care either.

Yesterday on the news I found out there are weirdoes and sickies out there that have diaper fetishes. Diaper fetishes for Christ sake. ‘do you have any pictures with the diapers pulled down more?’ What kind of gawd awful people have we made? And more importantly, what in the hell do we do with them? The underbelly of the internet brings them out to be seen.

The sexual perverts who turn out to be the nice guy down the street, the Little League coach, the priest. And the grandmother that bludgeons her grandson to death or the mother who goes berserk and kills her children, or worse, sells them to predators .

And I’m sitting here with all the windows open and the fan going trying to get the stink of crack out of my apartment that comes from the neighbors place. I can tell every time they fire up their pipe or whatever it is they use.

My heart is heavy.

Plus more depressing news. Seems most people feel those who are fat should be punished, made fun of and then run out of town. It use to be Oprah that was the big joke (pun intended), now its Kirstie Alley. (I don't know how her name is spelled, sorry) All it is truly is the comedy writers can't think of anything else so they take the cheap shots. I've stopped watching Jay Leno because of the lame comedy, if thats what you call it.

And if you don't have any money for dental care...there's another couple of thousand jokes and "yuck" comments. Like if people had a choice, they would chose to walk around with bad teeth. But lets make mean comments and have a laugh at their expense.

This species really needs to be eliminated. Maybe a "do over" would help.

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