Saturday, July 30, 2005

Old work

This day might get by me without having an entry here if I don't do something and do it now. So I've flipped through my photos (nothing says 'entry' like a picture) looking for something to share. Here's an older painting I did of Cuba Gooding Jr from a photo. (yeah, like we wouldn't know its from a photo)

Image hosted by

And a pencil drawing I did a couple of years ago..
Image hosted by

If something comes up later tonight I'll be back to write some more. If not, then I won't. See how that works?


Flying Crone said...

"Get back to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"That picture of Cuba Gooding Jr is EXCELLENT!! You have so much talent, what in the hell are ya doing....doing nothing new!!!"

"Pick up that pencil!!!! We wanna see new and recent work, Although excellent, enough with the ole stuff!!"

Flying Crone climbs back on her broom, smiling to herself and thinking. "Well, that sure told HER off..."

The Crusty Crone said...

Well hey you ole Crone... thanks for the kick in the butt. They never hurt...well, figuritively speaking.

I can't post anything new until I get some batteries for the camera which will be shortly after Aug. 10th. I know, I know...that excuse is getting old, but its still valid. I'll be rolling in battery money soon.

yes...but first I WILL have to do some new 'things', no doubt about it, but it shouldn't take too long to do that, even if they are only sketches.