Friday, July 08, 2005

A Rant... and its not going to be pretty

About half the police force were at someone's home this morning because a man (a euphemism) was holed up in an apartment and he had a gun. He wasn't just holding it but he had shot it several times. Four hours later the cops got tired, I guess, and they shot in some tear gas. That got him out right away. They then had to shoot him with rubber bullets to take him into custody.

Turns out the 33 yr old "man" had lost his job, had shot at his grandmother, who he was living with, and was threatening suicide. Oh yeah, and he was high on meth. Okay, lets go down the list here, shall we?

1. What in the hell is a 33 yr old man doing living off his grandmother, for gawd sake! GROW THE FUCK UP! And don't come telling me 'she needed you'. Yeah...she needed you to shoot at her.

2. Awwww...and the poor baby lost his job, those ole meanies. Do you think it might have had something to do with, oh I don't know.... YOU BEING A METH ADDICT?! GROW THE FUCK UP!

3. And the poor dear was threatening suicide. Yeah he'd do society a favor like that. GROW THE FUCK UP! And like he didn't know that if he would have stood up in a window with the gun in his hand that the cops would have helped him succeed. Its called "suicide by police" you idiot.

But he was saved. Isn't that wonderful ... another meth addict saved so he can go back into society. Even though he had shot at his grandmother and shot a round or two at the neighbors, you know, just for the fun of it, the cops were able to take him in without hurting him. A happy ending for the dear"man".

Now...if the guy had been a teenager who stole a pickup truck and tried to make a run for it, the cops would have killed him. That's what happened last week. The truck was finally stopped and the cop walked up to the cab and killed the teenager. He didn't have any weapons on him, but damn if that policeman wasn't "afraid for his life". But for someone actually shooting a gun, they use rubber bullets. I know I feel safer.

The city is being over run with crack heads and meth addicts. These people are crazy and stealing anything they can get their hands on...and it makes no difference if you get in their'll be "going down" as in 'how dare you try to stop me'.

I have no patience or sympathy for crack heads and meth addicts, so don't come telling me "gee, I didn't know I would become addicted."


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