Friday, July 01, 2005

The Daily Dirge

I watched my grandson (age still expressed in months) today while mom and the wee one (2 months) went shopping. I'm not sure exactly how much shopping was done, but it took six hours and did not include any groceries.

I watch D at their apt. thinking I wouldn't have to be saying "no" too much. Yeah, right. Touchy, feely, pushy, pully... but we had a good time. He'd give me a glowering look and I would return my own devil eye at him. All it did was lead to fits of giggling on his part and then it would suck me into it too. But all in all, we enjoyed the time.

Oh a cute movie is coming on...gotta go. I'll be back later. I've found the coding to hot link using words and I want to try it.

(5 min. later) Not the movie I thought it was... not cute, but corny. Now, where was I.....

I came across a web site about the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. I still don't understand how his art became such a 'hit' but I'm working on opening my mind more. But the web site is kewl... with music too. Check it out.

I don't seem to have any more dirge to talk about right now, although I know its in me somewhere.

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