Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Stella and her Groove

I just saw an interview on the Today Show with Terry McMillan, author of How Stella Got Her Groove Back. She is divorcing her "groove" guy because he's gay.

Based on surface information, I hope Terry wipes up the court room floor with his ass. Of course, he might enjoy the stimulation, but nonetheless.....

He used her to get a green card, then citizenship, used her for financial support and then the biggy....betrayed her by pretending to be someone else. He pretended to be a heterosexual man. And now he is trying to get the prenup annulled so she would have to support him for the rest of her life. Gawd, get real!

And on the other side, isn't this just a classic example of how, no matter how smart the woman, the emotion of love can cause all intelligence to disappear.

I've seen the movie "Waiting to Exhale" but I had not seen (or read) the Stella movie. I read an excerpt of the book on and was surprised to see that Terry must not believe in periods or commas. I've read that 'run-on' sentences can be effective in some circumstances, but it just made me breathless. There was an entire page of narrative that didn't have one period or comma in it. But it seemed to have worked for her.

There's a blog I'm following where all common sense leaves as she searches for 'luv'. She is currently involved with someone who appears to be dysfunctional and a user. If they do hook up, she will be who he blames for all his problems. And she will be the mother figure for him... in more ways than one. I'm not going to share the link. You can understand why. Oh... and let me not leave you with the misunderstanding that I would avoid this 'blind luv' thing. Oh no... I've done my time with it. I think it helps me to read between the lines, as it were.

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