Thursday, July 14, 2005

More Blessings

I've been blessed...again... and it looks like I won't be off-line after all. (see whining post a few days ago....or better yet, don't see it. It's not one of my better moments.) I didn't know I was so tense until I relaxed.

I came across a site that was having a Smallest Apartment decorating contest for those in New York City. I can't believe how small these places said they only had 155 sq ft and another had/has only 186 sq ft. (scroll down the page half way to see the list of entries...check out the 5 finalist for sure.) The winners of the contest did awesome things with their place. Oh.. I came across this site via popstar64 on Saucydwellings, a Live Journal group blog.

And to top off this great day, it is finally sunshining here. We've been having lots of rain, which is my favorite weather, but sun shine makes a person smile more. But we'll see what I'm saying when it gets down right hot!

Thank you God for the blessing of wonderful friends!

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