Friday, July 29, 2005

White and attractive?

If you are not white and attractive (or white and wealthy), forget about it. You could go missing and who would give a fig...certainly not the national news.

But Blogger Power can assist....

Seems there is a missing pregnant woman in Pa. and there has been no national news coverage about it. White and cute Laci Peterson was all over the wires as is the blond teenager missing in Aruba. What's the difference? The missing woman in Pa. is black and hispanic.

I read a blog (that I can't find now...I was surfing) about it... it said bloggers had a petition going to pressure the national news agency to cover the story. I have seen short clips about the disappearance yesterday and today. However, when I looked on and I couldn't find the story.

The golden people of the world, the beautiful people...through a fluke of genetics, get taken care of better. On the other side of the coin, they are also the ones kidnapped, raped, and murdered more often.

I'm not very coherent this morning, if at all, but I had to spew it out. LETS HEAR IT FOR THE UGLY PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!! YOU ROCK!!

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