Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kill Me! Kill Me Now!!

But Noooooooo.... that would be too easy. I must pay for my mistakes. I must pay until the end of time. And who knows, maybe a little bit after that. Some mistakes just never go away. Ask my mother.

Twelve hours. I finally got on my pc. Now I have little people waiting at my arm so they can get on and play a game.

I don't really have anything to say. Since I asked to get on my pc I thought I'd make some clicking noise by making the keyboard move.

One of these days I'm just going to snap. Seriously though... thats what people say but they never do it. They never snap. Life teases them and teases them by making them think they will snap and it will all end. But life knows when to pull back just at the last minute.

I want my life back, damn it!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Heather Clements' Web Site

I viewed the video below again ("I Draw People") and then googled the artist Heather Clements to find her web site. I love her work. You can even look in her sketch books. Kewl, huh. I've also added her link to my list.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A2Z Project - Letter C

The letter C stands for Control, remotely speaking.

It also stands for Cup.

I've been working on the side challenge (see post below) but I'm having some difficulty capturing the 'angel's' essense... or even her likeness. We'll see what comes up tomorrow. (All my stuff has been shoved into the closet so there'd be more room. whine. It has helped with more room, but its a little hard to find things when I want to use them.)

Mr. Potato Head's Better Half

Mr. Potato Butt, esquire.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A "Side" Challenge... Anyone up to it?

Anyone up for a little 'side challenge'.... you know, something to work on inbetween the letters? Here's a little angel calling for a portrait. In any medium, etc. Take a week or two if you want... just don't take too long or I will forget what its about.

When you're done and have posted it to your blog, please come leave a comment here so I can come see. (although I'm sure I'll see it since I visit your blogs so often.)

Here, below, is the angel to create... see her wings? If you need to see a bigger version, click here and then click once again on the photo. That will take you to a huge version. Also, there are other poses to chose from if you want something a little different.

Short Observation

How great is this! The only news worth reporting on this morning is holiday consumerism. Live broadcasts talking to shoppers who were up at 4am waiting in line to spend money. I mean really.... how great is that!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Oh Lordy.... Its the official start of the Holiday Season


I will be glad when its around 6pm or so, because that will mean the first big holiday will be over. Don't get me wrong, its a nice tradition and its also nice to be with family so you will recognize them if you see them at the mall and all that, but I'm always glad when I've made it through it.

Hope ya'll have a good one!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"I Draw People" Art Video - 2 minutes

Mumbling Over Coffee

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWell.... another day. Slurp.

'Mom' is gone for a while and I feel like I should be doing something constructive, but ya'll know what I really feel like doing, right? Yeah. Nothing. I'm so good at it, ya know.

I'm still waiting to get directions to the family gathering place for tomorrow. And still waiting to hear if I need to bring anything. I've got a couple of white elephant gifts that I'm looking forward to giving away. 'Mom' will be getting a couple of toys for the kids... they have their own "white elephant gift giving" thingy, but they don't get trades. We tried that once and the wee one having his gift taken away pitched a fit. Then another time one of the girls got really upset because she didn't pick a "good" gift. She didn't get the doll. Now the little ones get little gifts that aren't so much jokes as they are just little toys. It works out better that way.

I'm such a crusty old crone... I'm getting to the place where it would be fine with me to skip the get togethers. Everyone does not all get along "fine". The older siblings are fairly judgmental in their way. I just try to stay on the fringes and not take any sides. Once you take sides, it seems like everyone switches around. Taking 'sides' is a lose-lose situation, anyway. We are all the way we are and acceptance is the goal. Or tolerance... that would work, too.

I've not done any thing art related in a while. Maybe I'll try for a couple of sketches while I've got the place to myself.

If I think of anything else to yak about, I'll post it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Daily Blab

Yesterday I offered my car to 'mom' so she could take the boys away for the day. Nice in the planning stage, but it faltered during execution. They didn't get out of the door until almost 4pm and were back in a few hours. What a waste of gas. I won't do that again.

We finally got an invitation to Thanksgiving. I keep waiting for the time when the kids say they want to do or start a tradition with just their families. Perhaps guilt comes through at the end.

We'll be going to my daughter-in-law's sister's place out in Timbuctu. I've never been there before. I guess my son and family has moved to yet another place and its much smaller. I'm never kept in the loop. I find things out by accident. Sometimes I get a little ticked off about it and other times it doesn't really matter.

We'll be doing white elephant gifts again. That's always good for some laughs.

I'm getting ready to jump in the shower... I give everyone plenty of chances to use the bathroom once they get up for the day. The thing is, they don't get up until 10am or so. By that time, I'm ready for a nap!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A2Z Project - Letter B

B is for Broccoli. I slapped this together a couple of days ago while 'mom' and the boys were gone for a little bit. "Oh boy", I said to myself, "I've got this done ahead of time. Perhaps I'll be able to do another one. Lets see.... B is for bare bottom." But as you can see, I did not get around to doing the second vision.
But I have 24 more chances to do extra 'projects'.

We had two people killed a few days ago... both happened within a 24 hr. period of time, but they don't seem to be related. Today there was someone who came to my door, showed me a badge (although he looked retired in his regular clothes... maybe he's part of that special unit of retired officers), and asked if I had seen anything unusual during that night. I had not seen anything other than the police cars cruising in search mode.

Still raining here.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Life in the Hood

Christmas has come to the hood already. Below is a picture of Christmas lights on a house around the corner. This pix was taken through the screen in my window in the bedroom.

I hope I can remember the order of the pictures here.... Do you see the plywood board on the mom-and-pop store across the street? Its where the door goes. There was a burglary there. Or should it be robbery? I'm not sure. I think burglary is the breaking in of a place with intent to commit a felony. A robbery is when you take something by force or fear. Robbery would therefore mean someone would have to be present is my guess. Anyway... here's my exciting story. (under the picture.)

Rainy dusky darkness. I stepped outside to have a smoke and noticed a guy across the street standing in the doorway of the closed mom-and-pop store. The store had been closed for a while. I checked out his appearance because I was thinking 'waiting for a drug drop.' Tallish, white, brown hair, sleeveless vest jacket, dark long sleeved shirt, and blue jeans. He was smoking.

I finished and went back inside, Within 5 minutes we heard a loud crashing sound of glass breaking. I jumped to the window and looked across at the store. The guy wasn't there. I couldn't tell if the door was okay or not. It was a glass door. (How inviting is that, I ask you... put in a full glass door so one just has to break the glass to get in. Its like an invitation>) I kept looking to see if I could spy anyone walking around inside the store. (I never focused on anything else, like looking at the parked cars to see if there was damage.) Within a minute or so I saw a dark figure move across the front of the store. I grapped the phone and called the police. While I was on the phone with them, the guy left the store clutching something to his chest area like he was holding something. I gave the police the direction he was walking and the description. Within an hour the police contacted me to come with them to id someone they had apprehended. We drove around a couple of blocks where there was another police car. Lights on him with me in the darkened car. I identified him, but could only say I was 80% sure. He had a white tee shirt on and that threw me. I didn't see one before. It was only after I had identified him that the police said they had caught him with stuff from the store on him (food items) and he had confessed.

Citizens have to become involved in order to help deter crime that is on the rise... on the other hand, I was wondering if he stole food items to feed his family. He didn't look like someone on the edge of drug addiction. (addicts steal anything, including food, and sell it to others for money.) Bottom line, he shouldn't have damaged the store. The owner didn't deserve the damage. He struggles to keep the store going as it is.

The police couldn't find out how to contact the owner... no phone number around or anything. They kept an officer there until someone came to board the place up for safe keeping. The owners/workers arrived a little bit ago and their body language looked surprised. They are sweeping up the glass now... but they are still open for business.

The next picture (below) is showing yet another police car blocking off the street (which is a busy major street.) I think there was shooting going on several blocks over, or there had been one. The street was blocked for almost five hours... that makes me think someone got shot. I'll be listening to the news next time it comes on.

My final picture is of the two boys playing a game on the pc.... so there are a lot of calls going on about someone wanting to get on the pc. The boys seem to like the game a lot and that might give them priority. Anything to keep them entertained.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

We're trying to create more room in the apartment. Its not easy, but I'm sure we'll soon be able to walk a few feet without having to ask someone to move or to jump over a box. (snicker... can you see me jumping over anything?) Oh... I may not have mentioned this in my blog yet... my youngest daughter and her two boys have moved back from California and are staying with me until they find a place of their own. I don't hold out much hope because housing costs are ridiculously high and she doesn't qualify for any housing assistance. Sigh. But that's why we're rearranging things to find more room.

There was a lot of stuff that could be put away without any problem, but I'm having to put away a lot of my art supplies, too. I want to whine, but considering how much I was or had been using the art supplies it really wouldn't apply.

Its raining here. It rained yesterday and it rained today and it will rain for the next seven days at least. (Too bad a little of it couldn't be sent to Georgia.) Its mild, though, and we're not getting snow in the mountains where we need it for water next spring and summer.

As you have already surmised, I really don't have anything to talk about, but I wanted to make an entry anyway.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Portrait of Picasso

Let the viewer see what they see. As for me, well... lets just say a picture is worth a thousand words. I have never thought much of the guy.... and I still don't.

I also have been totally boggled over how some untalented people become successful during their life times, while actual artists with great talent and skills do not. I guess its kind of like justice. Its just not fair.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I still need to pull myself together this morning. If I can come up with a decent excuse I may delay it until tomorrow.... pulling myself together.

Things are filled to the brim around here. Every nook and cranny is full of something. I feel slick whenever I can manage to twist around and scratch my ass, cause there's just not a lot of room available and have you seen my ass?

We had a storm yesterday. Lots of wind, some at hurricane strength, and rain. Real rain. A few folks lost power, some are still out. Several trees toppled over which resulted in power outages and/or smashed vehicles. Today is very nice. The sun is out and there's no wind to speak of, so all is well.

I miss my space just a little, but there's pro and cons to every situation. I'm getting more exercise. I miss not being able to get out some paints or just paper and not have ten fingers touching it and saying 'i wannna do some'. On the other hand, I'm getting told i wuve yu a lot. I don't feel too inspired right now, anyway.

I just wanted to get something out on the blog for now. While I had the chance. 'Mom' is a pc addict!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Design a Logo

'i am' has a project to work on, if your muse tickles your palm...

A friend of hers is looking for a new logo to use. It would be a "for fun" thing to do. No money changes hands... but who knows, maybe it will become famous. You can check out the particulars at the link above.

A To Z Art Project - Letter A

Okay, here's the day to begin the A2Z art challenge. The day to post what my creative imagination came up with to represent the letter A.
Did you see it? Yeah, that's right. You're not going blind. NOTHING. I got nothing as I tried to come up with something more interesting than an apple to represent the letter A. Oh sure, I came up with aardvark, armadillo, air, armoire, etc. but I didn't get excited about any of them. So....

I kinda reverted back to an apple. Actually, its about a block away from apple.

A IS FOR ASPARAGUS!! Yipeee.... YaHoooooo!!! How exciting is that?!?!

ink sketch, watercolor, cardstock.

Below is the same drawing, but I intensified the color just a tad and made it a little brighter. You know, just for the heck of it.

Next week the letter will be B. And bending it a little, such as dusty duck did, is perfectly okay. You will also note, maybe, that I changed the name of the game from art challenge to art project. "Challenge" makes it seem like we are in competition with each other and I want to take the 'personal' competition away.

Anyone can join in and at any time. If you're not a regular, please leave a comment here so I can go take a look at what you've done. You'll be a 'regular' from there on, even if you only post a letter art project once in a while.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bedlam Has Arrived

Its called family life. Or Death by the Demons. Or Blessings by the Bowl Full. Or something in the middle.



No sedentary life now. Its all just constant movement.

They all love... oh look, I typed 'love' but meant 'look' (I'm leaving it in)... the same but a little older. Logical. Vyron is a dare devil who will hop on a scooter without stopping to wonder if he can 'ride' it and head straight for the curb while looking the other way as he giggles. He can also throw a tremendous pouting session for no particular reason. Good thing he's as small as he is and cute. Know what I mean?

Darius is more contained and asks for 'permission' to do things. He also remembers instructions. "Vyron, stop that. Gramma said not to splash water on the floor or else we will have to get out of the bath tub." Of course, Vyron doesn't pay any attention.

At the end of the day V. was very very tired and cranky. He decided to throw a tantrum by sprauling out on floor and WHINING VERY LOUDLY. After a few minutes it was time to put a stop to this. I spoke VERY FIRMLY to V., you know... explaining that 'we don't play that game here!!!' I told him to knock it off and get up. He took a couple of seconds to decide and then got up and went in the other room where his mother was. I suspect this isn't going to work all the time.

Of course, Darius had to point out to Vyron "See... I told you so!"
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Friday, November 09, 2007

One of my Favorites

Below is one of my favorite photographs. Its one of Candace taken during a gym class. Its not so much my favorite because its of Candace, although it is part of it, but because of her "pose". I love how she is exhibiting both eagerness and a touch of shyness. Arms/hands held down but a grin on the face... her left foot (on right as you look at it) slightly sideways.

On the back the photo is labeled Candace First Grade 1988. She would have been 7 yrs old.

Its interesting to note that a person's body type at this age is not an indicator of how it will be in adulthood. I have another "favorite" photo of my #2 daughter at about this age. She's very shy looking, slender, looking a bit like a refuge (she was playing hard that day). She's definitely not shy and she is not slender. But she's still beautiful.

Anyone Up for a Long Term Art Challenge? (semi long term)

I was just over checking out Karin Jurick's blog "A Painting Today" and read that she is starting a new series of paintings. Its going to be an A to Z series, but not the typical A is for Apple thing. A would be for other things.

Thats when the pilfered idea knocked me over... "hey", I said to myself, "that would be a kewl idea for 'us' to do... an a-to-z series." ('us' meaning anyone who reads this and wants to do it... even lurkers. This is what we do to keep practicing the creation of things. No skill or talent needed. Just guts to post it. hahahaha But no, seriously... lets just be funny. more laughing at my self and how corny I can be sometimes.)

We could create a piece (or more if so inclined) of art (any medium, style, blah blah) and post it once a week. I say once a week thinking of those who actually have lives to live. (or we could post it any time we wanted to and the challenge would be each individual getting thru a to z without any schedule to keep.) If one found oneself in the zone they could go ahead and create as many alphabet thingies they wanted to and save for posting later. Or not. Post them whenever.

You know what... some times one can be so loose with the requirements that things fall apart. How about commenting on how you'd like to see it done.

Whadda say, gang? We can use my uncle's barn and put on a whole Broadway production with only a bale of hay! (referencing the old Judy Garland/Andy ?? movies. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're just young so don't worry about it.)

I almost forgot to mention.... I love Karin's painting style. If you haven't already done so, check out the rest of her blog and she also has other sites listed on her sidebar. You won't be disappointed. Well, unless you're into something else.


We are now deporting US citizens. None of us should get to cocky about being safe as a citizen. Okay, the last sentence is for dramatics only. But still...

You may have heard this story in the national news, but you had to be listening very closely. A 10 second viewing.

We have a two year old boy (I'm guessing at the age) who has been in foster care since he was 4 months old. The foster parents want to adopt him. His mother, who has relinquished her rights due to drugs and is currently on the run, is a United States citizen. His Mexican National sperm-donor is a convicted child rapist. (I don't know if that is statutory rape (under age) or a true physical rape.) His "father" has never seen the child. He has never had anything to do with him. He recently got out of prison.

The state of Oregon is going to deport the child to Mexico to live with the sperm-donor's mother before Thanksgiving..... because its the RULE and policy of the Childrens Protection Division to unite children with biological family members whenever possible. And the RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED!!!

And the kicker is that its possible the state will be obligated to pay the grandmother over $300 a month to cover expenses of the care of the child. The grandmother does not speak English, but through an interpreter has said she is looking forward to getting the child because all of her children are grown and she will now have another little child to raise. ?!?!?!

The foster parents are fighting to keep him. I hope they get a really good lawyer, but that takes so much money. Surely there could be something about not deporting a natural born United States citizen that could over rule the Childrens Protection Division rules and policies. Or .... where are the parents of the mother? Maybe they need to step forward and say 'we are the grandparents, too and we want our grandson.'

Its a mess. Any time you get government involved with a situation things get totally screwed up.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Painting People

I was cruising youtube, cause you know, it helps keep me from doing things I should be doing, and I came across a video titled Why Eleanor Day Paints People. (It showed some of her paintings as she was interviewed via phone. Anyway, it sounded like she was talking on a phone. It was a little difficult to hear it well.) I then decided to check for a web site for her and found it here.

I thought of you guys who are doing portraits from photos and thought you might like to take a look. Under her tab/button labeled portraits she has examples of her commissioned work. The first few don't include the photograph she used, but around the second or third line the photos are displayed along side the paintings. I always find it interesting to see the reference source with the painting.

I like her use of bright colors. I also found myself wondering if she used a projector. (to me, it would make sense to use one to eliminate false starts. Some say potato, some say tomato. I haven't read everything on the site so I don't know if its mentioned or not.)

I also enjoyed looking at her work under "paintings".

Old Practice Pieces

I was too busy and too tired yesterday to do any artwork to post here. I kind of like the small 'push' to get something done, even simple things, in order to post something daily. In order to keep something going, I'm going to be brave and post some bad practice stuff from years ago. Encouraging comments are not necessary, so don't feel obligated. I will continue. (she stops for a second. "That could be considered a threat, I suppose." hahahaha I'm just cracking me up, she mumbles.)



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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Three Pears

Crayola Crayons on cardstock.

Same drawing, but I like how the flash of the camera created a hi-lite.

Reference source. Local newspaper.

Fact Stranger Than Fiction

Ya just can't make this kind of thing up. From our local news:

Couple Almost Killed By Falling Cow

MANSON, Wash. - A Chelan County fire chief says a couple was lucky they weren't killed by a cow that fell off a cliff and smashed their minivan.

District 5 Chief Arnold Baker says they missed being killed by a matter of inches Sunday as they drove on Highway 150 near Manson.

The 600-pound cow fell about 200 feet and landed on the hood of the minivan carrying Charles Everson Jr. and his wife Linda of Westland, Mich., who were in the area celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary. They were checked at Lake Chelan Community Hospital as a precaution.

The van was heavily damaged, including a broken windshield.

Charles Everson says he kept repeating, "I don't believe this. I don't believe this."

The year-old cow had been reported missing by a breeder. It was euthanized at the scene.


How weird is that?!

Palette Knife Painting - Video

Less than 3 minutes. (I bet it looks great in person. Lots of colors.)

Oh Dear... What Have I Spawned?

You remember the old adage, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree? Well, its not always true. I have an acorn that has bounced out of the field, over the fence, has rolled down the hill and across an eight laned freeway. To say we live on opposite sides would be an understatement. If she didn't physically resemble her father's side of the family I would be shaking my fist (figeratively speaking) wondering who switched babies with me. As it is, I often find myself shaking my head mumbling 'where did she come from???? Surely not from ME!!'

She has started a political/opinion type blog (I think thats what it is) and I get an email notification whenever she updates it. I don't know where she got most of her beliefs. Surely within her stiffly tied republican persona is a little bit of humanity. Surely its in there some where? (Please don't take offense. I'm not pro democrate, either. And not ALL republicans are stiff and rigid. I've heard after they pass on, a lot of them loosen up a lot.)

Her current comments are regarding helping others. She doesn't believe in it. There was one point she made that I agree with, but her overall point of view is baffling to me. She apparently has forgotten all the help she has been given over the years in order to get where she is in life. And she clearly has no concept of how difficult it is to get a step up when you're starting at ground zero.

I don't leave comments on her blog because we simply have different opinions and I'm not here to change hers. Its all part of life... different strokes for different folks. However, I have no problem (so far, anyway hahaha) if someone wants to voice their view point in my comments section. Equal time, if you will. Just don't try to change me. Or something like that......

Ironic, isn't it.

Jay Leno has been blasting fat people with jokes for years. At times he seems to really abhor them because of the way the "fat jokes" get spewed out of his mouth. Now, don't get me wrong. If a joke is funny, its funny whether its about fat people or skinny people. If a joke isn't funny.... its just not funny and I don't care how many times you warp it. But anyway....

I found it so ironic when I saw Jay Leno on the news being supportive as he visited with the writers on the picket line, and guess what he brought them..... donuts. Donuts, fer gawd sake. hahahahahaha Now that was FUNNY!! Not to mention a bit ironic. 'Padding' his box of resource jokes, perhaps? Oh the irony of it all.

Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm All Ears

A Bird in the Hand...

Ballpoint pen on paper.

My original plan was to do the bird in watercolor. ("oh, wouldn't that be striking.") But the plan started becoming too labor intensive so I didn't go down that road. I stuck with the more simple and straight forward approach.

Now... on to the ear. Maybe. Yes. The maybe is more like 'when'.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hannah Banana Challenge

Pencil on cardstock.

Got Time on Your Hands?

Yay, all of my clocks are now on time. When the time changed last spring (ah, the power of the human species... the power to change time) there were two clocks that I didn't change, the clocks in my car and on the TV. Now they are all in sync.

Did you watch Saturday Night Live last night? Brian Williams was great, especially as the fireman. I left a comment on Sandy's blog about SNL and I think I got his name wrong... I think I typed Bret Williams. Sigh. Just another brain fart.

Last night I added a free stats counter. It was okay, but this morning I noticed a log count (number of visitors) of 500 was the maximum allowed with the free option. My blog isn't visited all that much, but I do want a free stats counter that lasts longer than a month or two. I'll keep looking.
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Those Sneaky Bas.... Marketing People

Have you begun to notice odd comments showing up on your blog? I'm thinking they are recruiting real people with the lure of false promises ('make over $200 a day for nothing.') to key in their ads on people's web sites/blogs. That way they get pass the pop-up ad blockers and the word verification filters. grrrrr.

The Carmel Cake Story

Oops. My bad. I talked about Maya Angelou's 2004 cookbook (the post below) and one of the stories about the cake... but I failed to tell the story. My apologies. (I hate it when people do that, too.... tease you and then not share.)

One piece of information that you will need to be aware of is that the carmel cake recipe came from Maya's grandmother. Back in the day ingredients were very hard to come by... there wasn't always brown sugar, or many of the so called standard ingredients, so whenever this cake, or any cake, was made it had to be planned out ahead of time. It was a very big deal to have a cake, a very special occasion.

Here's hoping I remember the story correctly. (that's a disclaimer if I get any detail wrong.)

From the age of 9 to 13 years, Maya was a 'volunteer mute' meaning she could physically talk but did not. This was a result of something that happened to her in her young life. She was sexually abused and raped by her mother's boyfriend. She had told her brother about it who, in turn, told the rest of the family. The man was in jail only one day. Four days later he was found dead, having been beaten to death.

Maya felt her voice, her speaking, had caused someone to die and it could possibly cause another to die.... so she stopped speaking altogether.

A teacher apparently tried to get her to talk. The more she tried, the more frustrated the teacher became until finally she slapped Maya on the face. When Maya got home her family (grandmother, uncles, etc.) could see something was amiss and they kept asking her what was wrong. She finally told them. (She kept a tablet with her and wrote her communications on it.)

Her grandmother, with Maya, walked to the school and spoke to the teacher, asking her "are you someone's grandbaby?" in her country voice. She had to ask a couple of times.

Finally the teacher responded with a puffed up "I'm someone's grand daughter."

Maya's grandmother then reached out and slapped the teacher on the face, turned to Maya and said "well, she's MY grandbaby!" They then turned and left the school and went back home.

The slap was the talk of the school and I imagine the talk of the 'village'. (That's what Maya called it... the village.) But nothing else come from it.

The next day when Maya came home from school her grandma and uncles were all sitting on the porch. One of her uncles told Maya to go inside and get what was on the table and bring it outside to the porch.

(This is where Maya's voice started to quiver and she began to tear up just a little.)

There on the table was a huge carmel cake. A very tall carmel cake. To say it was a surprise would be an understatement. Maya picked up the cake and took it out to the porch. Her grandmother then said to her, 'I cannot take the slap away, but this cake is to tell you how much you are loved.'

Sniffle. Bring me a tissue!!

Left Handed

I tried a couple of sketches using my imagination and my left hand. They're leaning, too... I didn't adjust the paper to compensate for the awkward left-handedness. The sketches didn't turn out too badly. Maybe using my left hand for the mouse has helped with the control a little.

Friday, November 02, 2007

For the Cooks Out There...

Maya Angelou was on Martha Stewart today. (I left the program on because she was the guest. I normally don't watch it.) I always come away from watching/listening to Maya Angelou with a more peaceful feeling in my heart.

Martha was cooking a cake using one of the recipes in Ms. Angelou's cookbook. I think the book has been out for a while, so I'm thinking this is more of a reminder than a look-what-I-discovered! thingy.

Besides the recipes, Ms Angelou shares some of her history and experiences relating to the recipes. That's what intrigues me.... since I'm not a cook in the true sense of the word. (I'm a cook in the 'survival' sense.) She shared a story for the carmel cake recipe that brought tears to my eyes. Sniff.

The book also has a great picture of Ms Angelou on the cover, too.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Ya Need Is Some Really Good Marketing

And some kind of "hook" helps.

"Filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev spent almost a year filming media phenomenon Marla Olmstead for his documentary My Kid Could Paint That. The story follows Marla, who became famous at age 4 for the large, colorful abstract paintings she may — or may not — have created."

You can read the full article here. Its not all that long.

I looked over her web site (link on the side of the article... you'll want your sound on) and watched two of the short videos showing her painting. This is opinion only, but I think someone else has touched up her paintings once she's done with them. I don't like liver, either.

There are so many excellent artists out there in the world, formally trained and untrained. I have and continue to scratch my head wondering why one person is 'successful' and others aren't. Marketing has got to have a place in there. That and the right vibrations, I suppose.


The test didn't work. I had altered a couple of photos using Coral and blogger doesn't like them. (I put a frame around one and made another one 'artistic impression' or something like that.) I was going to try to upload them using Picasa, but they don't even show up in that software. If you've got any hints, let me know.


When the title of the entry is the day of the week... ya just know I've got nothing to talk about.

I fell asleep on the couch last evening so I was up watching Poker After Dark. Nothing more exciting than watching people sit around a table trying not to give away any hints about their hand of cards. Yawn. However, this time there were several "talkative" folks. (Isn't that nice of me... 'talkative') A couple of them wanted the others to shut up, but thats just a guess on my part.

Anyway... I was up several hours so today seems to be a napping day, but I'll have to watch myself. I don't want to be up tonight again.

And guess what.... its Thursday already!