Friday, November 09, 2007


We are now deporting US citizens. None of us should get to cocky about being safe as a citizen. Okay, the last sentence is for dramatics only. But still...

You may have heard this story in the national news, but you had to be listening very closely. A 10 second viewing.

We have a two year old boy (I'm guessing at the age) who has been in foster care since he was 4 months old. The foster parents want to adopt him. His mother, who has relinquished her rights due to drugs and is currently on the run, is a United States citizen. His Mexican National sperm-donor is a convicted child rapist. (I don't know if that is statutory rape (under age) or a true physical rape.) His "father" has never seen the child. He has never had anything to do with him. He recently got out of prison.

The state of Oregon is going to deport the child to Mexico to live with the sperm-donor's mother before Thanksgiving..... because its the RULE and policy of the Childrens Protection Division to unite children with biological family members whenever possible. And the RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED!!!

And the kicker is that its possible the state will be obligated to pay the grandmother over $300 a month to cover expenses of the care of the child. The grandmother does not speak English, but through an interpreter has said she is looking forward to getting the child because all of her children are grown and she will now have another little child to raise. ?!?!?!

The foster parents are fighting to keep him. I hope they get a really good lawyer, but that takes so much money. Surely there could be something about not deporting a natural born United States citizen that could over rule the Childrens Protection Division rules and policies. Or .... where are the parents of the mother? Maybe they need to step forward and say 'we are the grandparents, too and we want our grandson.'

Its a mess. Any time you get government involved with a situation things get totally screwed up.

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I've followed the story and I agree,