Friday, November 09, 2007

Anyone Up for a Long Term Art Challenge? (semi long term)

I was just over checking out Karin Jurick's blog "A Painting Today" and read that she is starting a new series of paintings. Its going to be an A to Z series, but not the typical A is for Apple thing. A would be for other things.

Thats when the pilfered idea knocked me over... "hey", I said to myself, "that would be a kewl idea for 'us' to do... an a-to-z series." ('us' meaning anyone who reads this and wants to do it... even lurkers. This is what we do to keep practicing the creation of things. No skill or talent needed. Just guts to post it. hahahaha But no, seriously... lets just be funny. more laughing at my self and how corny I can be sometimes.)

We could create a piece (or more if so inclined) of art (any medium, style, blah blah) and post it once a week. I say once a week thinking of those who actually have lives to live. (or we could post it any time we wanted to and the challenge would be each individual getting thru a to z without any schedule to keep.) If one found oneself in the zone they could go ahead and create as many alphabet thingies they wanted to and save for posting later. Or not. Post them whenever.

You know what... some times one can be so loose with the requirements that things fall apart. How about commenting on how you'd like to see it done.

Whadda say, gang? We can use my uncle's barn and put on a whole Broadway production with only a bale of hay! (referencing the old Judy Garland/Andy ?? movies. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're just young so don't worry about it.)

I almost forgot to mention.... I love Karin's painting style. If you haven't already done so, check out the rest of her blog and she also has other sites listed on her sidebar. You won't be disappointed. Well, unless you're into something else.


cat's momma said...

Cool challenge! I vote for one a week...'cause if I can get ahead with any, I'll just hold them and put them up once a week. It sounds like fun. It sounds like play!

Sandy said...

Well this sounds great!! I'll go check out her blog, which I do quite often anyway. I love her art too.

Yeah..CC...great idea....and when do those photos start with the little ones...I'm anxious to see them in all kinds of funny situations, like tie-ing gramma up to the chair and running circles around her....yeah that would be fun...


Sandy said...

yeah...once or even twice a week for me....would be cool...but definitely once...sandy

The Crusty Crone said...

I was thinking once a week, also. And I was thinking on a Monday, but if we start today we could use Fridays.... and start posting next Friday. Someone be assertive and pick one of the days. (Surely we could do a quickie of something if Monday was picked. a free-style line drawing.)

Okay... so far, here's what we have: Once a week we post an A-to-Z art piece. (if tagging is available on our blogs, plz tag them as A2Z so that at the end we can bring them up all together for a look.) For now I'm going to arbitrarily pick the day as Monday. Starting this coming Monday. (too much??)

If someone gets done early, they can post it early, however, come Monday they will need to post another one. (too much??) So basically, the goal is to simple get through the alphabet and if someone gets through ahead of time they get to coast.


Also... If anyone wants to join in on a hit-or-miss basis (post when they feel like it or skip some days) then be sure to leave a comment here that you've posted so lurkers can go take a look, too.

The Crusty Crone said...

Oh... I haven't seen the boys or 'mom' yet. They're suppose to be over later, but I'm patient. If they want to stay another night at the friend's place, I'm kool with that.

Wanda said...

I love the idea, but once a week is all I could muster at this point in my life with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Church programs, Bible Studies...Do you hear me playing the violin...poor baby wanda....OK Buck up...I will try to do one a week!!!
Started NEXT week!!!

cat's momma said...

Monday sounds good...after all, Sandy and I should be able turn to out an "A" piece by Monday, since all we'll be doing is playing with paints and pencils and pens.

The Crusty Crone said...

Okay then... lets start with Monday and the letter is "A". If Wanda or anyone else needs an extra week, its all okay because we all know the letters of the alphabet. Right?

Its a go, then.