Sunday, November 18, 2007

A2Z Project - Letter B

B is for Broccoli. I slapped this together a couple of days ago while 'mom' and the boys were gone for a little bit. "Oh boy", I said to myself, "I've got this done ahead of time. Perhaps I'll be able to do another one. Lets see.... B is for bare bottom." But as you can see, I did not get around to doing the second vision.
But I have 24 more chances to do extra 'projects'.

We had two people killed a few days ago... both happened within a 24 hr. period of time, but they don't seem to be related. Today there was someone who came to my door, showed me a badge (although he looked retired in his regular clothes... maybe he's part of that special unit of retired officers), and asked if I had seen anything unusual during that night. I had not seen anything other than the police cars cruising in search mode.

Still raining here.


Anonymous said...

Very nice cc...looks great.

I'm impressed you had the time...


Wanda said...

Very nice Broccoli! A good project for "B". I'll post mine on Wednesday!!! :)

Travelling Goddess said...

Very nice Brokkkoly!! Nice indeed.

Now I have to sit myself down and put my thinking cap on....

Hmmmmmmmm what can I draw that starts with a beeeeeee.

I know!!!!

But, you'll just have to wait, cause it's not on the drawing board yet.

cat's momma said...

I'm so glad you somehow fit in doing the B project! I was thinking maybe it wouldn't happen now. Good job on the broccoli, one of my favorite veggies!