Friday, November 16, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

We're trying to create more room in the apartment. Its not easy, but I'm sure we'll soon be able to walk a few feet without having to ask someone to move or to jump over a box. (snicker... can you see me jumping over anything?) Oh... I may not have mentioned this in my blog yet... my youngest daughter and her two boys have moved back from California and are staying with me until they find a place of their own. I don't hold out much hope because housing costs are ridiculously high and she doesn't qualify for any housing assistance. Sigh. But that's why we're rearranging things to find more room.

There was a lot of stuff that could be put away without any problem, but I'm having to put away a lot of my art supplies, too. I want to whine, but considering how much I was or had been using the art supplies it really wouldn't apply.

Its raining here. It rained yesterday and it rained today and it will rain for the next seven days at least. (Too bad a little of it couldn't be sent to Georgia.) Its mild, though, and we're not getting snow in the mountains where we need it for water next spring and summer.

As you have already surmised, I really don't have anything to talk about, but I wanted to make an entry anyway.


Sandy said...

Nice reading you, but I do miss your art posts..although wait a did do Picaso this week so I shouldn't bitch.

but hope you find time to do more.

BJ said...

CC - it seem like our kids wind up back with us so much of the time. I'm sure you are just delighted that the grandkids are there as well as your daughter. I know you really love're putting away your art supplies! Now that is love! Kiddin!

Wanda said...

Hey CC: I've recycled a few kids too. That's great they can be with you until they find something! My son and family are coming tonight just for the weekend, and I'm trying to make room for a "Air Mattress" for the boys...!!! Have fun! Don't put your supplies where you can't find them...we need your art!!!