Saturday, November 03, 2007

Those Sneaky Bas.... Marketing People

Have you begun to notice odd comments showing up on your blog? I'm thinking they are recruiting real people with the lure of false promises ('make over $200 a day for nothing.') to key in their ads on people's web sites/blogs. That way they get pass the pop-up ad blockers and the word verification filters. grrrrr.


Wanda said...

Yes, I've had a few...and I ignore them beacause I was leary of clicking on them!! What do you suggest!

Anonymous said...

me too...I hear ya. sandy

The Crusty Crone said...

What do I suggest? I got nothing. Except like what you say...ignore them. And, of course, not use the products/services that are being imposed upon us. There's also a way to block IP addresses, but I'd resort to that only if it got really bad.

I did a google search on one of the names. I ended up at a site talking about making all this money for doing nothing but key some ad messages. Thats how I connected the dots. (strange people commenting on blogs)