Thursday, November 01, 2007


When the title of the entry is the day of the week... ya just know I've got nothing to talk about.

I fell asleep on the couch last evening so I was up watching Poker After Dark. Nothing more exciting than watching people sit around a table trying not to give away any hints about their hand of cards. Yawn. However, this time there were several "talkative" folks. (Isn't that nice of me... 'talkative') A couple of them wanted the others to shut up, but thats just a guess on my part.

Anyway... I was up several hours so today seems to be a napping day, but I'll have to watch myself. I don't want to be up tonight again.

And guess what.... its Thursday already!


Sandy said...

I've watched that a few times...

about corel...let me think about it..could be the way they are being "saved."

maybe try save as and make sure you are using a jpeg format..

other than that...hmmm..gotta think about it.

Wanda said...

Happy Thursday CC! Hope you sleep better tonight! :)