Monday, November 19, 2007

The Daily Blab

Yesterday I offered my car to 'mom' so she could take the boys away for the day. Nice in the planning stage, but it faltered during execution. They didn't get out of the door until almost 4pm and were back in a few hours. What a waste of gas. I won't do that again.

We finally got an invitation to Thanksgiving. I keep waiting for the time when the kids say they want to do or start a tradition with just their families. Perhaps guilt comes through at the end.

We'll be going to my daughter-in-law's sister's place out in Timbuctu. I've never been there before. I guess my son and family has moved to yet another place and its much smaller. I'm never kept in the loop. I find things out by accident. Sometimes I get a little ticked off about it and other times it doesn't really matter.

We'll be doing white elephant gifts again. That's always good for some laughs.

I'm getting ready to jump in the shower... I give everyone plenty of chances to use the bathroom once they get up for the day. The thing is, they don't get up until 10am or so. By that time, I'm ready for a nap!!


Wanda said...

I wish I could kidnap you and take you to Southern CA with us to celebrate with our family..We have traditions up the kazoo!! I would love to sit around an visit over a meal with you!!!
Back to the real have fun in Timbuctu!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great holiday. We will be having a small get together. sandy

Travelling Goddess said...

Do have a have a good Thanksgiving Sandra....and I toooo, like Wanda, would love to sit with you and chew the fat off an ole turkey leg....ohhhhh I can hear us laughing now!!

Love ya!!!