Sunday, November 25, 2007

A2Z Project - Letter C

The letter C stands for Control, remotely speaking.

It also stands for Cup.

I've been working on the side challenge (see post below) but I'm having some difficulty capturing the 'angel's' essense... or even her likeness. We'll see what comes up tomorrow. (All my stuff has been shoved into the closet so there'd be more room. whine. It has helped with more room, but its a little hard to find things when I want to use them.)


Anonymous said...

Here I am awake in the middle of the night (a fluke), so thought I'd see if you put your C up. Nice job, you have depth and textures and all that good stuff. I like it.


I Am said...

Looks good

cat's momma said...

I would never have thought of a remote control! Good job! I'm sure enjoying the projects. All week I find myself thinking about what starts with whatever letter we're on and it gives me something to look for to paint or draw instead of faces!

Wanda said...

How very clever....I was looking for that romote...You didn't ask to borrow it!!! Looks so real! and where is the coffee in that cup...You did A+ for "C"!!!

Travelling Goddess said...

yeah!!!! I agree with all the above comments.......where in the hell is the coffee????....did ya have to put that in the closet tooooo.

Nice drawing, Sandra!!