Thursday, November 08, 2007

Painting People

I was cruising youtube, cause you know, it helps keep me from doing things I should be doing, and I came across a video titled Why Eleanor Day Paints People. (It showed some of her paintings as she was interviewed via phone. Anyway, it sounded like she was talking on a phone. It was a little difficult to hear it well.) I then decided to check for a web site for her and found it here.

I thought of you guys who are doing portraits from photos and thought you might like to take a look. Under her tab/button labeled portraits she has examples of her commissioned work. The first few don't include the photograph she used, but around the second or third line the photos are displayed along side the paintings. I always find it interesting to see the reference source with the painting.

I like her use of bright colors. I also found myself wondering if she used a projector. (to me, it would make sense to use one to eliminate false starts. Some say potato, some say tomato. I haven't read everything on the site so I don't know if its mentioned or not.)

I also enjoyed looking at her work under "paintings".


Sandy said...

Thanks, I'll check that out when I have the time. I bookmarked it.

cat's momma said...

I love her style! I really enjoyed seeing her work...thanks!