Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hannah Banana Challenge

Pencil on cardstock.


Sandy said...

OHHH!!! That is excellent....Good job! You really captured her.

Love everything about it.


cat's momma said...

P.S. I saved this off to my pictures because I like it so much! The stockings are perfect and the shading and the hair and the arms and the fingers and the feet and the got it all!

cat's momma said...

Okay, I did something wrong and lost the first that's why there is a p.s. before this one. What I said was I am surprised at how quickly you did this and how great it is. I was golfing all day, so now I have to choose between Hannah Banana, the bird and a body part...which I think an ear is a good part to start with...they can be very intricate and are like fingerprints in that everyone's ear is unique. I only noticed that from looking at pictures of people's ears when I'm trying to draw them. I'm saying the profile where the ear shows up with all its inner stuff. So how about an ear?

The Crusty Crone said...

CM... would you like me to send you the drawing of Hannah? (it would be without matte or frame.) If yes, I'll mail it around the second Wednesday of Nov. when I mail the discs back to Sandy. I've got all my cupboards stocked, but no $ for mailing right now. If you printing it off from your files works for you, then you won't have to wait on the Queen of Procrastination.

An ear body part sounds good to me.

oh... and it didn't seem to take a short time to draw this. Probably 2 or 3 hrs of actual drawing... about 5 hours elapsed time (you know, cig. breaks, coffee breaks, butt breaks.)

Wanda said...

Are you and Sandy in competition??
Wow, you both are great artists!!
Love this sketch. Like the light on the floor and the shadows. Nice job!!

cat's momma said...

Hi CC...I've already printed it off and it came out great, so you don't need to mail it...but I do appreciate the thought!! It's really a wonderful drawing!

BJ said...

CC - this is fantastic! I love the detail of her little dress and striped stockings. What a great job. I love that you all are taking the challenge! Love checking you out!