Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I still need to pull myself together this morning. If I can come up with a decent excuse I may delay it until tomorrow.... pulling myself together.

Things are filled to the brim around here. Every nook and cranny is full of something. I feel slick whenever I can manage to twist around and scratch my ass, cause there's just not a lot of room available and have you seen my ass?

We had a storm yesterday. Lots of wind, some at hurricane strength, and rain. Real rain. A few folks lost power, some are still out. Several trees toppled over which resulted in power outages and/or smashed vehicles. Today is very nice. The sun is out and there's no wind to speak of, so all is well.

I miss my space just a little, but there's pro and cons to every situation. I'm getting more exercise. I miss not being able to get out some paints or just paper and not have ten fingers touching it and saying 'i wannna do some'. On the other hand, I'm getting told i wuve yu a lot. I don't feel too inspired right now, anyway.

I just wanted to get something out on the blog for now. While I had the chance. 'Mom' is a pc addict!


Wanda said...

Funny, that's what I saw in the mirror this morning..So I went back to bed!

Anonymous said...

I read about your weather. Do those kind of storms scare the kids or do they find it exciting. I hear we could be having 90 mile an hour winds this coming week...