Monday, October 01, 2007


Taxes.... additional cigarette taxes in particular. I've been working on accepting the tab for insuring all those little children who need health insurance. AFter all, someone has to foot the bill and who better than those horrid slimeballs that smoke. They are one group who are best capable of helping to get a tax passed. Its one of the advantages of having a group of people that the majority of society looks down on.

Besides, they are the group of people most able to support this additional tax. After all, if the wealthy could afford it, do you really think they would have gotten such a great tax cut this past term? And look at all the new jobs that have been created. Granted, most are minimum wage positions without health benefits, but what do you want.... surely not a living wage. Its the numbers that count, anyway, so when its reported that there is only a 4% unemployment rate most people won't think beyond that number. (I often wonder how many doctors and medical institutions invest in drug companies. What a circle of revenue that is.... doctors keep prescribing more and more drugs and this helps keep the dividends up.)

I had brought myself around to accepting the new taxes with only a slight grumbling. In fact, I was going to feel rightous about it. Someone has to take care of the children and their health needs.

BUT.... but recently I've heard that the feds want to add $.61 cents to a pack of cigarettes and the state where I live wants to add an additional $.85. WTF?!?! Thats a 47% price increase. (and if gas prices keep going back up, the retail establishments will have to up their prices AGAIN.) I can't afford that, so I'll be one more person who stops smoking. One less person to contribute revenue for health coverage. Health coverage that I'm not eligible for since I'm an adult.

Its like putting straw on a camels back. Yes, the camel can carry quite a few straws but soon or later he's going to fall over.

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm angry, because I'm not. I'm resigned... resigned to a capitalistic government. The others don't seem to work all that well anyway.

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