Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday's Show and Tell

This week's show-and-tell is..... ta da.... the junk drawer! We all have them, right? Sometimes I would have several junk drawers going... one short and another one deep. Oh those were the days. The days when I had a plethoria of drawers. Now days my drawers are terribly limited and precious. I have one small "junk" drawer... not that the other drawers don't hold junk, but you know what I mean.

Above: In case you can't tell, the thin blue box to the far left contains two sample incense that comes with the Nag Champa. I set these aside for emergency purposes... like I've got stinky fish in the garbage and its raining outside too hard to take it out. Buried in there are scissors, pliars, black garden gloves (I've never had a garden), metal measuring tape, black measuring cups.... and can you say 'batteries'. When theres a good sale on batteries I get them. I don't usually have this many laying around, but how plentiful is this!

Above: somewhere in there is a magnifying glass with a handle, a universal remote control that has never been used, a pad of black craft paper, and I think I saw three lighters. I'm stocked for a while.

And.... (trumpets sound) I located the box cutter. I can't remember what I wanted it for a while ago, but I couldn't find it. Now I know its in the back of the junk drawer. (I probably wanted it to try to get into a plastic wrapped something-or-other and ended up using a knife.)

I thought I wouldn't have anything for show-and-tell this week, but this 'scathingly brilliant idea' came to mind. What in your junk drawer(s)?


Anonymous said... can tell you haven't "lived" in the same junk drawer for twenty two years.

You can actually identify what is in yours...

Mine...we don't dare open or we won't get back out..


cat's momma said...

Just one junk drawer? Where would I start. I have downsized into the smallest bedroom ever...and though the kitchen looks has very few drawers. We also have four adults throwing things into the junk drawers and one baby taking things out of the junk drawers and tossing them about. I'm actually impressed with your junk drawer...not only can you actually see and identify things in actually looks kinda neat.

BJ said...

Oh.....what would we do without them. I have them all over my house. I need one in each room.....or two!

Wanda said...

I have one just like it....Where did you get yours? Got mine at the "Junk" yard!! Cute Monday show and Tell!!!